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 Norton Internet Security 2010 + Trial Reset

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ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: Norton Internet Security 2010 + Trial Reset   Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:36 am

Norton Internet Security 2010 + Trial Reset

The company Symantec has released Norton Internet Security 2010 which implemented a new model of protection called Quorum. Distinctive feature of the product line of 2010 is the ability to detect threats to "zero-day» (zero-day) - equipped with anti-virus technology to detect unknown malware by analyzing their reputation. At the same time against known threats used signature method. In addition, the technology has undergone significant changes Norton Insight, which allows to speed up the process of scanning through the scan only the changed files. Now the technology is the user's request will provide additional information on the interest of his applications, including activity, behavior, reputation, etc.

Technology parental controls and spam filter in the 2010 versions have also been significantly reworked to improve their effectiveness. Users of Norton Internet Security 2010 will be available free subscription service OnlineFamily.Norton - online parental control system, not so long ago released by Symantec. A new spam filter is based on technology BrightMail and now more accurately detects spam without requiring training, according to developers.

Key technologies:
• Virus Protection
• Protection against rootkits
• Protection against bots
• Norton Threat Insight
• Heuristic Protection SONAR ™️ 2
• Norton System Insight
• Norton ™️ Safe Web
• Smart Firewall
• Protection against spyware
• Identity protection
• Pulse Updates
• Network Monitoring
• Norton Insight Network
• Norton Download Insight
• Professional protection against spam
• Norton File Insight
• Parental Controls
• Protection against vulnerabilities

OS: Windows®️ 2000/XP/Vista/7
License: Trial Reset eset.2.5NE.rar.html

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Norton Internet Security 2010 + Trial Reset
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